Green Office Solutions

A Cleaner Office…A Cleaner Earth

Large organizations, continuously relocate employees and reconfigure spaces – discarding valuable assets in the process. With a limited second-hand furniture market and the complexity of large-scale donations, most companies are forced to resort to the only option that fits their timeline, disposal. Due to the mixed materials that make up office furniture – treated wood, metal, and plastic – it is also difficult to recycle resulting in millions of tons and billions of dollars of furniture ending up in landfills each year. This is a tremendous economic loss.

With no-longer-needed assets destined for landfills, BOS has witnessed first hand the need to develop an environmentally responsible solution for our clients. Recognizing this need, BOS developed our Green Office Solutions program that combines reuse, resale, and recycling – keeping your no-longer-needed assets out of landfills. Your business invested a lot into its office equipment, and even at the end of its life, it remains an asset. Through our imagination, experience, and planning, BOS aims to re-use, re-purpose and recycle your no-longer-needed assets – minimizing your environmental footprint while maximizing your return of investment.


At BOS we believe that the highest form of recycling is reuse. Our number one goal it to put your no-longer-needed assets back to work – through reuse in your existing operations or resale – helping the environment, community, and others while reducing project costs.

Our asset management team can evaluate your inventory and offer options that benefit your business, community, and our planet. BOS can help you uncover solutions such as using your excess furniture at other locations, in a new reconfiguration, or to increase the productivity of your existing space. Refurbishing your existing furniture with new fabrics and finishes can extend the life of your assets. Reusing some or all of your existing furniture in your project helps the environment and reduces the cost of your project.


Our experts turn an environmental risk into an opportunity. Through resale, our team can recover measurable value where there is typically a loss. BOS can help match your used furniture and equipment with non-profit and charitable organizations. Nonprofit organizations often go decades without updating their office space. Your no-longer-needed assets can improve productivity, employee satisfaction and even safety. Through reuse, resale and donation, BOS extends the life of thousands of furniture products, dramatically reducing the amount of waste dumped to landfills.


At the end of its life, BOS identifies materials found in furniture that can be recycled and makes every effort to maximize the amount that can recycled.

Find your Green Office Solution

BOS strives to make every solution a Green Office Solution, including dis-assembly, removal, installation and reconfiguration, re-fabrication, and liquidation of your furniture assets.