Interior Design

Interior Design

Lets build an amazing space. BOS is your one solution to planning, purchasing, receiving, and installing office furniture. Our designers and project managers work directly with your staff to understand your business and project goals and design you a custom tailored office space.

A space designed to work for you.

Planning a new office raises many questions and challenges. How will you divide the space? What is the most effective layout of your departments? Where and how will the IT infrastructure fit? What furniture will meet your needs? How much will this all cost? At BOS, our experts answer these questions by fully understanding your business and internal operations. Once we know what is needed, our designers tailor the perfect space for you.

We believe the perfect space increases productivity and reduces fatigue and injury and must hit on four main points:

  • Comfort – Every work station is suited for the intended task and employee.
  • Efficiency – Maximizing space, logically locating teams and departments, placing equipment in a convenient locations
  • Communication – Organizing teams and departments to promote collaboration internally and externally.
  • Productivity – Maintaining a logical flow throughout the office

Planning and Floor Plan Drafting


Computer Aided Design


3D Modeling

Our comprehensive scope of services includes provision of all elements from space planning to move-in. Whether your project involves reconfiguration of existing space or relocation, Brown Office Solutions has the solution for your space.