Brown Moving Storage 1889

Brown Office Solutions

James Brown established Brown Moving & Storage in 1889, their first job was relocating an office up on College Hill in Providence Road Island. Over a century later in 2008, James Brown’s great grandchild, Creighton Quin, re-established Brown Moving Storage as Brown Office Solutions. Just like Grandpa James, Brown Office Solutions focused on moving and relocating offices in the tri-state area, but expanded services to meet the needs of the modern office environment.

Once Source. One Solution.

Today, we offer a complete solution by providing one-on-one consulting, space planning, installation, relocation, reconfiguration, repair, liquidation, and storage services. Receiving of furniture, warehousing, delivery, asset management and coordinating the installation sequence with other trades all come under the scope of our work. We are also proud to offer our Green Office Solutions program that focuses on the liquidation, re-use, recycling, and re-sale of office furniture assets. Through our local showroom and online store BOS extends the life of office furniture keeping it out of our landfills.