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We provide solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of the modern office environment. Brown Office Solutions combines a wide range of services and products with the knowledge, creativity and innovation of our diverse team of professionals to create one single full-service solution that responds to your needs. Whether your business is a home office or a major corporation that is expanding, relocating or reorganizing BOS is your one source and one solution.

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BOS is your one source for just about any logistic operation. Our wide range of services include: Moving/Relocation, Office Interior Design/Space Planning, Delivery & Installation, Reconfiguration, Used & New Furniture Sales, Office Liquidation & Decommissioning, Asset Management, Commercial Storage, Warehousing, Receiving, Panel & Upholstery Cleaning & Repairs, Recycling, and more.

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Our local and online store specializes in recovering measurable value where there is typically only a loss, BOS aims to give every piece of furniture an opportunity to be put back to work. Whether you are looking to liquidate or resell your current assets, or purchase second hand, refurbished, or brand new furniture for your corporate or home office, BOS has the solution.


Our diverse team of managers, designers, installers, and movers combine different skill-sets into flexible solutions. With such a diverse skill-set on hand, there is no job too big or small for BOS - and if we don't already have a solution, we will create one just for you.


Our team will design, install and move you into a work environment tailored to your needs. Our interior designers and installers specialize in creating tailored spaces and revealing creative cost saving solutions that re-use your current assets to reconfigure and expand your space.


Through liquidation, reuse, resale, and recycling, BOS maximizes your return of investment, extends the life of office furniture, and reduces the environmental impact of our work. Learn more about how our Green Office Solutions program has been worked into every solution we offer.